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Exporting your own firefox profile from windows to linux

When i first installed Ubuntu I wanted my entire mozilla firefox profile including all saved passwords,bookmarks,addons,settings to linux without manually having to do it again.SO here is a simple way in which u can transfer the entire firefox profile from windows to Linux.

The profile folder in windows is located under

inside this there is a .default folder like 5jgv87h1.default

all you have to do is copy all contents of this file and copy paste in to this directory in linux
press ctrl and h to show all hidden files
/home/Account Name/.mozilla

this is the file where the firefox profile is located.
just copy the contents into a similar 5jgv87h1.default folder(The 8 character folder name is randomly generated by firefox)
Replace all the files when asked and your firefox has all the settings,addons,bookmarks,saved passwords etc. with the same theme in linux..