Exporting your own firefox profile from windows to linux

When i first installed Ubuntu I wanted my entire mozilla firefox profile including all saved passwords,bookmarks,addons,settings to linux without manually having to do it again.SO here is a simple way in which u can transfer the entire firefox profile from windows to Linux.

The profile folder in windows is located under

inside this there is a .default folder like 5jgv87h1.default

all you have to do is copy all contents of this file and copy paste in to this directory in linux
press ctrl and h to show all hidden files
/home/Account Name/.mozilla

this is the file where the firefox profile is located.
just copy the contents into a similar 5jgv87h1.default folder(The 8 character folder name is randomly generated by firefox)
Replace all the files when asked and your firefox has all the settings,addons,bookmarks,saved passwords etc. with the same theme in linux..


The alarm clock

This is one of the applications i have made for nokia phones with symbian s60 OS. If you are one of those people who have troubles waking up in the morning try this application….

The Working…

The alarm clock plays an alarm sound at the time specified and simultaneously displays a randomly generated string. The user has to enter that verification code exactly to deactivate the alarm. The alarm does not deactivate till the user enters the correct verification code

The Priority Table…

Low->5 character long string
Medium->7 character long string
You Will Wake Up->10 character long string and sms to a friend

Now all you have to do is download the source code from the posted link and change the extension from .doc to .py and volla….That is the source code.Just run it on your phone.

the source code

Hello world!

Welcome to  Varun Thacker’s Blog.Doesn’t the title sound like the first program you wrote when you learn a new language….Well for me be it blogging….