Lenovo laptop support in Manipal

Most of us in Manipal have fallen victim to their adapters getting spoilt and some have even ended up paying to get a replacement.Well this is not the right way to go about it.First of all we have warranty on our adapter.ONLY the battery has a 1 year warranty.The rest have a 3 year warranty.Second of all I am not sure who the lenovo center in manipal represent.The call center do not recognize them.

This is a way to check your warranty status:


Note:The type and serial number are written under your laptop.

Now i guess the best way to get service from lenovo is to call this number and log in your complaint. They will send an engineer from Mangalore to rectify the issue.


The support from the call center is great!


3 comments so far

  1. vignesh on

    we got sl400c with win7 but i dont think he has provided any product key for win7. on asking the service center guy asks us to get the laptop to him if there is any problem. We just cannot do a clean install as we dont hav either the disc or the product key:(

    • Varun Thacker on

      hey why dont you call customer care…

  2. Neeraj Mehr0tra on

    Pls provide quote for R61 Thinkpad battery – FRU P/N 42T5264

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