Using google webmaster tools for your blog/website

For those of you who have made new wordpress blogs/websites and want to make sure that Google’s search engine sees your blogs/site follow these steps:

1>Make a google account if you don’t have one.
2>Go to login webmaster tools
3>Add your blog/site .To verify add a page in your blog with the google verification code as page title.It is not necessary to write anything on that.You can see that on my blog.
3>Once verified you need to submit a sitemap.This is important for google to be able to crawl all pages.For this in the google webmaster tools dashboard click sitemap and just add /sitemap.xml after your url and click submit sitemap.
4>so by now your blog is registered on google webmaster tools and you have submitted your sitemap.
5>Depending on the number of hits your site gets statistics will start showing up for your blog!

P.S-if you have a website you can follow these steps but you need to make a sitemap of your web site here and make sure to save it such that it comes up as feature wordpress offers by default on your blog.

Do comment if you face problems.


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  1. ruralwater on

    great.. very helpful.. thanks

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