Installing Ubuntu 11.10 on my new HP DV6-6165tx

Well I recently bought a HP Dv6-6165tx. Firstly it’s FAST.

My windows experience was really good. This is the first time I was using a laptop with multi gestures. It’s pretty cool. The Beats Audio sound system is amazing.

One thing that annoyed me was the function button needed to be pressed  to use fn1-fn12. According to me it should be the other way round. So there is a simple option in BIOS where you can change it.

In the BIOS menu go to System Configuration --> Action Keys Mode option -->Disable it. Save and reboot.

Once done with playing around in Windows it was time to install Ubuntu on it. That is what I’ll be spending the majority of my time on.

I installed the Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit version. A lot of workarounds were needed to get everything working. It was fun searching for the solutions.

Firstly the partition table. What a mess HP gave it in. Someone has described the partitioning in detail so I’ll just point to the link:

Secondly the ATI Radeon 6770m would be useless in Ubuntu. The Intel Graphics card would be more than sufficient. So I used this tutorial to disabling my ATI card in Ubuntu. BTW I don’t think switchable graphics works yet with this card in Linux. And without this workaround the fan would be on continuously in Ubuntu.

Well I like Multi Touch gestures. I’ll be using this tutorial to enable them.

For the Sub Woofers to work

Just add this line to the end of the conf file,
options snd-hda-intel model=ref

In this file :
sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf

And restart your computer

And here is a link to what you might to after Installing Ubuntu:

Well thats about it for now. Happy computing.


Distributed Computing and MapReduce

Today I conducted a session on Distributed Computing. It mainly focussed on MapReduce and its open source implementation-Hadoop.
The session first covered a brief idea of why we need to have distributed computing since everything is driven by need.Then It covered how a distributed file system works.It focussed on the Google File System.A demonstartion of how Hadoop works on a single node enviornment where a example very similar to the wordcount example was show. It was an election simulation where the input was the votes cast and the Hadoop Job aggregated the results.After this some finer details about Hadoop
was covered which was the last topic in the session.

Some resources that are very helpful:

Slides for the session:

How to setup an Hadoop enviorment:

Lenovo laptop support in Manipal

Most of us in Manipal have fallen victim to their adapters getting spoilt and some have even ended up paying to get a replacement.Well this is not the right way to go about it.First of all we have warranty on our adapter.ONLY the battery has a 1 year warranty.The rest have a 3 year warranty.Second of all I am not sure who the lenovo center in manipal represent.The call center do not recognize them.

This is a way to check your warranty status:

Note:The type and serial number are written under your laptop.

Now i guess the best way to get service from lenovo is to call this number and log in your complaint. They will send an engineer from Mangalore to rectify the issue.


The support from the call center is great!

Using google webmaster tools for your blog/website

For those of you who have made new wordpress blogs/websites and want to make sure that Google’s search engine sees your blogs/site follow these steps:

1>Make a google account if you don’t have one.
2>Go to login webmaster tools
3>Add your blog/site .To verify add a page in your blog with the google verification code as page title.It is not necessary to write anything on that.You can see that on my blog.
3>Once verified you need to submit a sitemap.This is important for google to be able to crawl all pages.For this in the google webmaster tools dashboard click sitemap and just add /sitemap.xml after your url and click submit sitemap.
4>so by now your blog is registered on google webmaster tools and you have submitted your sitemap.
5>Depending on the number of hits your site gets statistics will start showing up for your blog!

P.S-if you have a website you can follow these steps but you need to make a sitemap of your web site here and make sure to save it such that it comes up as feature wordpress offers by default on your blog.

Do comment if you face problems.

Google page on my blog

Well for those of you are wondering on what “google5f7e6c733c94181a.html” this page is ,It is simple a page that i was told to add by google to let it verify my blog for it to start indexing my blog.

In my following post next week I shall be writing more on SEO for your wordpress blog(being hosted on wordpress or not) and a compilation of tips and tricks which is part of a talk that me and my friend Manu Gupta are holding in college.

World of Goo is so cool

Well I happened to get a copy of this game called World of Goo from my friend .At first I was apprehensive about the game then I played it and now after finishing the game I say this is one of the better games I have come across .Games don’t need to be 20gb(gta IV) in size to be good.I say the 60+ Mb World of Goo game has enthralled everyone.

These are the reviews available at gamespot and ign respectively.

About 2D Boy
“2D Boy is a brave new indie game studio based in San Francisco, making games the old fashioned way – a team of two, no money, and a whole lot of “love”. Our goal is to make games that everyone can play, with gameplay nobody has seen before.”

For more information and to purchase a copy of the game click here

Everyone please do try out the game if you haven’t heard of it.Its available on Linux too!

ascii vs unicode

ANSI is an organization that standardizes various areas, both public and private. It is an acronym for American National Standards Institute. ANSI has standardized many areas of computing. One of the standards in computers was the character set (letters, numbers, and symbols) that a computer uses. This standard was called ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange). This standard provided 256 different symbols that a computer can use. It was quick, efficient, and easy to implement. All modern operating systems fully understand ASCII.

As history as shown us that 640K ought to be enough for anybody…NOT(in this case 256 characters) thus the need for more characters led to Unicode which allowed for up to 65,536 different characters.

Interesting Fact:
So the question now becomes, if Windows NT supports both ASCII and Unicode, why do Unicode programs run faster. To answer this you have to understand Windows NT itself. All operating systems have what is called a “kernel.” The kernel is the heart of the OS; In Windows NT the kernel is written in Unicode, and therefore only understands Unicode. When an ANSI program runs on Windows NT, the OS must convert the strings from ASCII to Unicode. This takes both time to convert everything, and memory to store both copies (ASCII and Unicode). Whereas a Unicode program has straight access to the kernel and is faster.

The modern implementation of Unicode are:
Unicode is required by modern standards such as XML, Java,JavaScript, LDAP, CORBA 3.0, WML,python,etc. and is the official way to implement ISO/IEC 10646. It is supported in many operating systems, all modern browsers, and many other products.

Setting up google app engine

I would like to start off by saying what is google app engine?
Google App Engine is a platform for building and hosting web applications on Google Web Servers
To know all about app engine click here
So now if you are interested in making an application without the hassels of setting up servers or bothering about security issues and just want to concentrate on your code then you can get started by downloading the sdk from here
App engine is platform independent and after downloading this you can get started by testing your application on a local web server(apache) and then hosting it up on Google servers .

On Windows:
First of all you will need a python interpreter installed v2.5 and above .So if you don’t have it installed download it from here.
After downloading the msi file just let it install.I am assuming that it is installed on d:\\Program Files\Google\google_appengine
Now open command prompt and cd to that directory.Once you are in that directory all you need to type in is python demos\guestbook\
Now you will a message and the demo application provided is open on your localhost on port 8080.Now open your browser and type in http://localhost:8080/
The application should be running.Now you are all set to make your own application.

On Linux:
Just download the zip file and extract to any directory suppose Desktop.Open terminal and
cd Desktop/google_appengine/
python demos/guestbook/
Now you will a message and the demo application provided is open on your localhost on port 8080.Now open your browser and type in http://localhost:8080/
The application should be running.Now you are all set to make your own application.

A developers guide is available here.

A smart way to read your pdf’s

If you hate reading pdfs on adobe reader because it is too slow try Foxit reader.Its fast,very!

This is a freeware and packs in only essential features thereby making it way faster.
There are a few addons available here.It also mentions how to install Foxit firefox plugin.

One smart feature which I love is that when reading e-books i hate searching for the page where i was last time.So all you need to do after installing is go to Edit->Preferences>General->History and tick the Restore last view settings when reopening check box.So the next time you open the same pdf file it opens up where you left it.

Make your linux system look like a mac

Well frankly who doesn’t like a Macs!The only thing that goes against me buying one is money.When i see a dell with better configuration for the same money…i think twice(the ironic part is that i am stuck with a thinkpad provided by my college ).I put in linux onto my laptop.First Ubuntu and then Fedora.I am not going into my experiences with both as of now.Perhaps later on when i have a more complete knowledge before commenting.So now i want it to look like a Mac.

This is what you need to download.

It is well documented.Just download this pdf

This guide is for Ubuntu users.If you are using any other distro then you shouldn’t have any problems either.Even if they do crop up just leave a comment or google it. 🙂